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Our free resources range from webinars, resource guides, the Compliance Beat podcast and our video clips.  If you need more, contact us. We are always here to help.

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Top Five tips for effective code of conduct revision

It's time to rewrite or refresh your Code of Conduct, but where do you start? Our Top 5 Tips for Effective Code of Conduct Revision walks you through the process from how to consider what needs to be covered to timeline and design. You will learn the steps you need to take to create an effective Code.


DIscover how to begin a code of conduct revision video series

What questions do you need to ask before you begin a Code of Conduct revision? In this six-part video blog series, Eric talks about what questions you need to answer before you begin a Code of Conduct revision project. Each short video, most less than a minute long, help you determine the steps that you need to take for a successful project.


interactive code of conduct

Are you considering an interactive Code of Conduct design? An interactive Code engages your employees and reinforces your ethical culture. Download this sample Code and play around with the interactive features to see how it works.

On our Compliance Beat podcast edition "Should you use an interactive Code of Conduct?", Eric discusses how to think about whether an interactive Code is right for your organization.


Interactive Code of conduct demonstration

Never used an interactive Code of Conduct? Eric walks you through our interactive Code of Conduct so you can see how your employees can engage with your Code. Afterward, download our interactive Code example and explore the interactive features.


Compliance & remote workers resource guide

This resource guide is a companion to our live training "Are You Covering Your Risks? Compliance & Remote Workers". We're giving you a list, including links, to the top five resources that Eric relied on. Download this resource and subscribe to our mailing list so that you won't miss future trainings.


Evaluation of corporate compliance resource Guide

This Resource Guide points you to the specific resources that the DOJ Fraud Section relied on when writing the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance guidance. We tell you exactly where to look in each document.  All of the resources listed in this Guide must-reads for compliance and ethics professionals.   

In a three-part series on our Compliance Beat podcast, Eric examines the Evaluation and provides insight into what the DOJ will be looking for when evaluating the effectiveness of a compliance program.


Are you covering your risks? Training your board of directors on compliance & ethics

Eric discusses how to train your board of directors on compliance and ethics. Training your board of directors can be a challenge. But one of the requirements of an effective compliance program is that our board of directors oversee your compliance program and that they receive training.  Eric tells you his top tips on training your board on compliance and ethics as well as the topics that you must cover for effective training.