More International Anti-Corruption Changes to Come?

People who follow anti-corruption developments have seen other countries, the UK, Brazil and even China, reinvigorate their laws and enforcement regimes over the past few years changing the expectations and realities of doing business in many ways.  

Could the next big change be coming in India?

Legislation to create a central corruption-fighting body (the Lokpal Bill) has been languishing in the Indian parliament for years -- but the same leaders whose protests let to the legislation getting drafted originally have signaled a new round of resistance to finally get the laws passed.  Will it work?  I am not a studied observer of Indian politics, but I feel like if India does move to a more organized fight against corruption it will be a game changer.  

Keep your eyes on India. A demonstration in the capitol has been called for January 30th.



Not quite two years ago I sat down for an interesting discussion with Leslie Caldwell, now the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division, to discuss anti-corruption and compliance programs generally. Given the Department’s recent work to elevate compliance it’s interesting to look back at some of Leslie’s insights before she went back to the DOJ. See it here.


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